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At Automated Logic - Houston we’re ready to be your partner. For many years we have brought leadership, innovation and order to the complexities of building control. This coupled with our commitment to service and customer empowerment has enabled us to successfully execute our mission of providing control solutions that deliver savings, comfort and ease of use.

Now more than ever before, companies need a partner who will listen to their operational needs and design a custom solution that will align their building’s performance with their primary objectives. Allow us to become that partner, and we’ll not only assist you in developing efficient system design and control strategies for both new and existing facilities, we’ll also help you:

Successfully balance energy savings with occupant comfort

  • Lower your energy and operating costs
  • Increase your ENERGY STAR® rating
  • Help you achieve LEED® certification
  • Provide objective and concise comfort data with the Environmental Index™ (EI)
  • Provide accurate utility metering, establish baselines, and provide return on investment studies
  • Establish a program of retro commissioning or continuous commissioning to maintain your recent investments in efficiency improvement
  • Coordinate your building’s subsystems to work together toward your common building objective
  • Simplify the complexities of system integration
  • Assist you with designing a customized service plan that compliments your existing staff and provides added value and training
  • Design and implement a lighting control system that is efficient and reliable
  • Provide Demand Response strategies to enable your participation in rebate opportunities


We believe that Automated Logic - Houston offers more than just products, more than services…
                                                          We provide Solutions.



The CARE Services program is a comprehensive solution tailored to our customer’s specific needs. After a comprehensive consultation and evaluation we present a customized solution that will fit their requirements. These are some of the capabilities we can provide.


The CARE for Energy Program

One of the first steps in controlling energy costs is developing a strategic energy conservation plan that provides an overall “framework” for reducing energy usage and costs.

There are four essential components to such a plan…Commit, Assess, Reduce and then Envision your future progress. The CARE for Energy program helps you stay on track to reach your goals by guiding you through each step of the process and more importantly it also measures the results of those efforts. By implementing the CARE for Energy program, you can achieve sustainable energy savings year after year. The CARE for Energy monitoring service package provides the customer with Energy Specialists (ES) to assist with analyzing and optimizing their buildings performance. Each package is tailored to the individual client’s needs and budget to help them assure reaching their goals.

 Even with the best of tools, there is only so much one person can do in a day. Therefore the CARE for Energy program provides trained energy specialists to help supplement the work being done by your facility manager. Our Energy Specialists are the extra set of trained professionals watching out for your facilities and making sure they are performing the most energy efficient way possible. They analyze the facility and identify where energy conservation measures can be implemented and then evaluate the results once completed.

 Through the implementation of a CARE for Energy program, you can accomplish the following:

  • Balance Energy Costs with Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Provide Sustainable Building Operations and Savings
  • Monitor Utility usage in real-time
  • Compare energy consumption, demand levels and other utility data of facilities
  • Use our Facility Assessments determine where to direct resources
  • Fund ECM costs from existing operating/utility budgets
  • Pay for additional facility improvement measures from savings


Technical solutions

The CARE for Energy engineers will schedule a bi-annual inspection of a building’s systems and tune them prior to entering the heating and cooling seasons.  The customer then receives a full report describing the current status of the building, any energy improvements made, and any recommendations for optimal management. Another key savings strategy is to adjust the facility schedules and set points to take advantage of summer, spring and Holiday low occupancy periods. During these times the building equipment can be reset to allow for optimal savings while maintaining interior temperature and humidity conditions required for health and safety. Our capabilities include:

  • Scheduled Seasonal Optimization
  • Video Capture Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Utility Metering
  • Building Envelope Imaging
  • Equipment Usage Reports
  • Energy Reports Generation
  • EMS Process Tuning Utility
  • Critical Event Pop-Up Utility
  • Interactive Educational Kiosk
  • Energy and Environmental  dashboard display


Support Services

Our approach to service is built upon a commitment to deliver automation solutions that respond to the needs of your staff and building today – and are able to adapt to new challenges tomorrow. What helps to make that possible? - Our collaborative approach to maintenance and training. We’ll develop a customer support program tailored specifically to the needs of your facility and personnel. Based upon your in-house resources and facility management objectives, we’ll deliver customized programs that include:

  • Operator training
  • On-site/online technical support
  • Scheduled maintenance and updates
  • Emergency service
  • Energy and performance reporting
  • System monitoring and analysis
  • On-site training, online classes, self-study courses and factory workshops: Automated Logic - Houston offers training solutions tailored to fit your personnel and facility needs.


Mechanical Services

Automated Logic - Houston provides a variety of Mechanical Services to achieve optimal performance out of all HVAC Systems. The goal of the ALC - Houston Mechanical department is to provide total HVAC support.

For customers with limited in-house resources, the Mechanical Department can provide full support through a variety of annual service agreements.

Installation/Service/Quality Assurance

Whatever your requirements, we have the resources, expertise and practical know-how to ensure a complete and responsive solution. Those capabilities come from 30 years of construction experience. Automated Logic - Houston delivers facility solutions through a world class team of highly skilled professionals in project management, applications engineering, installation, information technology and customer support. Simply put, we assign the right talent to every job.

Our Quality Assurance practices are equally comprehensive. They begin with the application of rigorous engineering standards, development of detailed commissioning schedules, and coordination of building trades and a constant focus on job site safety. And our QA process continues through project closeout with system validation, customer training and ongoing technical support.