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Fulton County Schools

Founded in 1871, the Fulton County School System is one of the oldest and largest school districts in Georgia. With a focus on student achievement and a commitment to continual improvement, Fulton has earned a reputation as a premier school system. This long history of excellence is evidenced by the many state and national honors bestowed on Fulton's schools, staff and students.

The Fulton County School System is one of the most unique school systems in the nation. Though not Georgia's largest school system in terms of student enrollment, it is, however, one of the largest systems in geographic area. From its southern end in the City of Chattahoochee Hills to its northernmost tip in Johns Creek, the county is more than 70 miles long. What is known as present-day Fulton County was formed by the 1932 consolidation of the former Campbell and Milton counties, making Fulton the size of three counties.

To add to Fulton's uniqueness, the City of Atlanta has long had its own school system and its own Board of Education. These lay in the center of pre-consolidation Fulton County. During the consolidation, the schools within the former Campbell and Milton counties became part of the Fulton County School System. But the City of Atlanta maintained its separate school system, driving a physical wedge between the newly joined counties. The result is that the Fulton County School System is physically bisected by the City of Atlanta and its school system.

The southern part of Fulton County is comprised of the cities of Chattahoochee Hills, College Park, East Point, Fairburn, Hapeville, Palmetto and Union City. The northern part is home to the cities of Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Roswell and Sandy Springs.

As the fourth largest school system in Georgia, Fulton has more than 12,000 full-time employees, including more than 6,800 teachers and other certified personnel, who work in 99 schools and 15 administrative and support buildings. During the 2009-10 school year, more than 90,000 students will attend classes in 58 elementary schools, 19 middle schools, 16 high schools (includes two open campus high schools) and six charter schools.

As the Atlanta metropolitan area has grown, so has the Fulton County School System. Families are attracted to Fulton County because of its consistent and well-deserved reputation as a quality school system. Businesses also establish a foothold in Fulton because employees want to live and work in communities with excellent schools.

Involved, active and informed parents and community members contribute greatly to the success of the system. All schools have business partners and local school advisory councils, and the Fulton Education Foundation provides additional resources.

2009-10 Facts at a Glance

Number of Schools

58         Elementary Schools, grades K-5

             (Prekindergarten available in some Schools)

19         Middle Schools, grades 6-8

16         High Schools, grades 9-12

             (includes two open campus high schools)

6          Start-up Charter Schools

99         Total



More than 12,000 full-time personnel

More than 6,800 certified personnel (those who hold teaching or administrative certifications)


System wide Enrollment


Average Student-Teacher Ratio

Kindergarten                 20:1 with full-time assistant

Grades 1, 2 and 3          21:1 with part-time assistant

Grades 4 and 5             28:1

Grades 6 through 8        28:1

Grades 9 through 12      29:1


Racial Composition (rounded)

Black                            42%

White                            34%

Hispanic                       11%

Asian                            9%

Multi-racial                    4%

Native American            less than 1%


2009 SAT





















Class of 2009 Graduation Data 

Graduate rate: 84.4%

Total Number of Graduates: 5,090  

Attending college or tech schools: 90%

Total amount of scholarships awarded: $99.7 million

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Fulton County Schools Milton High School Riverwood High School Wilson Creek ES Woodland Middle School